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IJM Express began back in 1998 as a small, family owned and operated, start-up courier service. IJM Express was named in memory of our late Father (Ian James Mc Allister), who we tragically lost in a hijacking in 1997.

Through hard work, determination and adaptation over many years, we have grown and built our IJM into an organisation that evolved from following the Industry standard to one that is now able to not only adapt to each of our clients specific requirements but to bring to the table new and fresh solutions to our clients distribution problem areas.

What makes IJM Express the CORRECT choice as a preferred supplier?

Through a strategic partnership with DSV Distribution, we have one of the largest distribution networks throughout the South Africa therefore allowing us to service all Major Centres and Regional areas timeously and efficiently.


Our modern offices allow for our staff to operate efficiently and professionally, especially during these challenging Covid times, where social distancing is crucial.

Our Company offering to our customers boasts the latest in modern technology, from paperless dispatching systems to state of the art sign on glass technology. Our Freight Management solutions stand out above the rest of the Industry. The track and trace portal allows for customers to track their orders and the sign on glass units update the proof of delivery immediately onto the portal.

Our new distribution facility currently under construction in Pomona will set a new bar in the industry with World leading fully automated sorting and processing technology, allowing for less handling and accurate sorting, via a network of belts and automatic sorters. Along with this, the parcels will pass through Volumisers that automatically weigh, scan, dimension as well as take a digital photograph of each individual parcel.


Each of our customers is assigned to a specific Customer Service Agent who will monitor each waybill despatched and run a continuous delivery report which will be sent out daily, allowing customers to have an overview of their distribution. The agent will also communicate any delays or issues encountered on email as well as telephonically to keep all parties concerned updated and in the loop. This takes the customer away from the Industry norm of only being another number to having a single point of contact to avoid frustration.

IJM Express operates with a total transparency policy with our customers as we believe that this builds trust and loyalty between both parties and leads to a strong and healthy working relationship. While the information supplied may not always be what the customer wants to hear, unfortunately issues do arise from time to time. The difference is how we action these delays and communicate them through to our customers that stands out and makes a positive difference.

Through constant investment in our staff, our systems and technology we are always looking for ways to improve on our offerings and working conditions in these ever-changing times.

We would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to submit our rate proposal and request that you give it your serious consideration. We also emplore you to raise any, and all queries or concerns that you may have with our proposal to allow us to work together to reach a positive decision.

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